Vaping and smoking are two popular methods of taking in cannabis especially when you have a lot of good smoking accessories New York, which make smoking more fun and enjoyable! However, for those individuals who prefer to lower down their smoking tendencies or those who do not like the taste and feel of smoke but still want to enjoy the benefits and experience of cannabis, there are many alternative methods on consuming cannabis and they do not necessarily require you smoking on a pot. 

Different methods have different intensity of effects. Some methods may take longer than the others, but however you like to do it, rest assured that you will experience what cannabis could offer you.  


1.Putting it on food 

If you are good in the kitchen and also a cannabis user, you might as well combine the two things you love by making your food infused with cannabis. When it comes ot options, there is a lot! You can have some basic pot brownies or use some clarified ghee butter for different cooking recipes. All you need is a ram of cannabis flower per serving after decarboxylating (this is an important step). There are also food and delicacies such as candies, gummy bears, etc. that have cannabis on them, which you can purchase. 



Different THC or CBD laden tinctures come in variations with different strengths so it is important that you ask your budtender about how much you need on the as a first-timer before using any. After your first, you can use a little more for the next tries, but no rush. One of the advantages of tinctures is that you will experience cannabis pretty fast. It also comes with different flavors with different intensities such as mild or pleasant.  


3.Creams and balms 

Cannabis is medicinal, thus products like creams are now being sold in the market. If you want to use cannabis to ease pain and aches without getting high, creams and balms with activated THC are the best cannabis products for you.  


CBD creams and balms and their cannabidiol together with other additive and herbs, effectively work on joints at a faster pace. 



Yes, patches. Transdermal patches with cannabis are effective, so it is a discrete way of experiencing the benefits of cannabis without smoking weed and getting high. The only co f this is that there is a slow release of HC, CBN CBD, or a different combination of cannabinoids so it makes lets you experience the benefits of cannabis in a slower process compared to smoking.  


You see, there are a lot of ways how to enjoy cannabis without smoking weed. If you are not into smoking, then following the method we mentioned above will be beneficial for you.  



Cannabis does give a lot of advantages both on the physical and mental aspects when taken in moderation. It is important to inquire first before using cannabis in any form or any method. Also, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared to take cannabis on your first try. Do not exceed the moderate amount that your body can take.