Hammer curls are the basic fitness equipment for arm muscle workout. The best thing with hammer curls is the fact that you can buy them and keep them at home. Many people underestimate the power of hammer curls when it comes to training. Read gym junkies article on hammer curls to learn more. These might be basic training equipment, but they offer many benefits that you might not get from any other types of equipment. If you are looking for a way to increase the muscles around the arms and shoulders, the hammer curls are the best equipment to buy. You can always get them at an affordable price and keep them at home.

Benefits of hammer curls

Training your muscles

One thing that you must appreciate about hammer curls is the muscle training that they offer. The lower and the upper arm need training especially if you have already built muscles in the rest of your body. The mistake that many people make is they concentrate on building the chest muscles, and they forget about arm training. Hammer curls help you to have a holistic training. With hammer curls, your body will look balanced because you will be able to train your arms as well.


Bigger biceps

Growing big biceps is a big deal and especially to people who are in the bodybuilding industry. Gaining bigger biceps is the ultimate goal of every person who is trying to grow their muscles. Sometimes it might be difficult to grow that bulge and full look of the muscles after building your chest muscles. The only equipment that can help you grow big biceps are the hammer curls. The constant rotating and building resistance while lifting the hammer curls eventually leads to the growth of biceps.

A strong grip

The only sure way of building a strong grip is to do rotations with the hammer curls. You need to build a strong grip when lifting the hammer curls, and with time you learn how to build a strong grip. The strength of your grip is important because you will learn how to lift weights in a better way. Before you move on to lifting bigger weights, you should start with the basic hammer curls.


As much as hammer curls are basic training equipment, you need to learn how to use them. With proper use, you will be able to get maximum benefits from the equipment. For instance, you should learn the weight variations and choose the weight that is ideal for you. After some time, you will notice some substantial changes.